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As you all know, taking care of so many animals is a lot of work and is very hard for for small sanctuaries to do on their own. It costs a lot to feed and care for them, let alone do the necessary repairs on the farm. Your help is so beneficial in keeping places like mine alive and able to take in more animals in need. I welcome anyone wanting to donate their time in helping me build new chicken coops, the new pond and duck house as well as donating any funds for materials, feed or help towards the vet bills. Anyone wanting to help me with anything from building stuff to simply sharing ideas of what would benefit the animals is always appreciated. I need all the help I can get and truly believe that this little sanctuary can be beautiful and a true paradise for my babies to enjoy out their lives. You can make a difference by helping the ones in need.



​Keisha is a beautiful girl that came to us as her previous owners could not care for her anymore. She is a loyal, playful German Shepherd that I adore and thank everyday for having her in my life.

Our cats
to support Heavenly hills animal sanctuary, you can donate either with food , volunteer your time or funds to help with the repairs and upkeep, feed, bedding or vet bills. All help is welcome!
Together we can give abused and abandoned animals a second chance at happiness and a place to call home!
It's a heart commitment


​Maya is a docile, shy German Shepherd/Great Dane mix that came to me as an abused 10 month old. She had been beaten so bad from her previous owner that she had lost the use of her back legs. Thankfully she pulled through and is now a happy, playful girl that is still shy at times but has come such a long way from when she first arrived. I have incredible affection for her and always make sure she feels loved.​

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​Paco was a month old when he arrived with his mom. He was the sweetest thing you can imagine. He was orphaned 3 months later as his mom had Cancer and lost her​ life although we did everything possible to save her. She had been sick before we got her but no one knew. He is now the star of the sanctuary...such a character and so loveable! He is my big baby!



​Our cats were all rescues with sad stories. Leo was thrown from a moving vehicle and ended up taking refuge in a barn where the chickens would peck at him all day. He was 10 weeks old when I got him, What a beauty with pumpkin eyes. Maximus was abandoned in a home with his siblings with no food or water until they were rescued. I got him from the Humane Society and Toby our chunky boy was left behind when his previous owner moved and tossed him out like garbage. These are just a few of the many rescued cats I've had over the years. They are all so loved now!

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